Aristotext Custom College Textbooks

Professors and Students:

Thank you for visiting our website and using Aristotext, Inc., a privately-held educational publisher, specializing in custom textbooks also known as class readers and packets created by college and university professors for their students and college courses since 1988.

Students benefit, since they pay much less for their custom textbooks than conventional hardcopy standard textbooks.

We want you and your students to be a part of the savings!

We invite all college professors and instructors from all disciplines to use their creative ideas and educational expertise to develop custom textbooks as an Aristotext reader or packet for their students.

We guarantee that you will receive the highest level of quality and service from Aristotext at all times.

You are welcome to call us at 1-800-444-8398(TEXT) or email us at any time for assistance or to place an order now for the upcoming term.

Also, we will be pleased to answer any of your questions or provide you with any additional information.

Order today and create your Aristotext custom textbooks while saving your students money.

We are in the process of updating our website.


Lucille Mozena, President